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  • J2SE - the Java SDK (standard edition)
  • Eclipse - possibly the best IDE for Java development
  • Apache Tomcat - our servlet container of choice
  • Sysdeo - a Tomcat plug-in for Eclipse
  • Clover - a Java development Eclipse plug-in
  • Ant - a Java-based build tool
  • Zvon - one of the best XSLT references on the web

Search resources

  • Lucene - a high-performance, flexible search engine
  • Hilltop algorithm - a ranking algorithm
  • Indexing algorithms - indexing algorithm resources
  • Koders - a source code search engine similar in intention to CodeCrawler (which came to existence a few months after this project was initiated)


  • Exuberant CTAGS - a tool which indexes source code semantical elements
  • LXR - a hypertext cross-referencing tool for source code
  • Highlighting
  • WebCpp - a code viewer converting source code to HTML
  • Highlight - another (more flexible) code viewer which can convert source code to HTML, Latex, XSL-FO, etc.